Unigrand Group Ltd is a South-London based Beauty and Personal Care Business. We have a wide range of products from Personal Hygiene, Oral care, Skincare to Nail care, which of these are all carefully manufactured in Europe and the UK.

Over the past 10 years we have now built up a global structure with a headquarter in the UK and a branch in Asia. We’ve been continuously developing the local and international markets including UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, and China. We always persist in choosing the best quality ingredients for all our categories to serve customers with the highest EU standard products.

We are looking to build relationships with appropriate distribution and retail partners in Europe, America, and the Middle East for the brand portfolio and this represents a significant opportunity for continued growth.


ToothyEnvy comes in 4 products: Whitening, Fresh Breath, Sensitive and Kids toothpaste. All 4 remove and prevent stains on your teeth and has long lasting protection, neutralization of bad breath and for sensitive relief.

This brand helps to keep yourself protected from germs and bacteria that can easily be spread through objects. Contains 75% of Alcohol, kills 99.99% of bacteria. Helps keep you and your family safe.

Pure & Appeal is a facial cleanser with multiple natural ingredients that helps purifies and cleanses impurities off your skin for a refreshing skin effect for a nice and soft skin and look amazing from the overall effect.

AQUAddict is a dermatological skincare brand that is designed to remove the toughest make-up. For optimal efficacy and completely safe for all types of skin. Contains multiple minerals, clinically proven to cure sensitive skin, and removes impurities for a brighter and luminous skin.

With its effective fruity ingredients, Love with Pride, is the perfect brand for removing tough make-up and for maintaining healthy skin. This brand helps with bringing out your natural beauty.

MAGIC HANA is a revolutionary ONE-STEP gel solution without requiring of the base and topcoat. All you need to do is applying one layer of the colour gel, cure for 60 sec, repeat once and all done. Come and enjoy the fabulous fashion on your fingertips!